m ■igital photography has come a long way in the last few years. When digi-V^^tal cameras broke the 3-megapixel barrier, I strongly considered jumping in and retiring my film gear. By the time 5-megapixel digital cameras hit the street, I was hooked. Then, just a few years ago, the raw file format started being offered, and Adobe Camera Raw was born. To me, this was digital heaven — to have full control over how digital images are processed, from camera all the way to print.

If you're shooting raw now, you've probably figured out the advantages of working in that format. Being able to correct image exposure and white balance is enough to sell me, but you can also make overall adjustments in color and tone without the danger of destroying valuable image data — and that's the biggest gift the format gives us. Camera Raw ties the process together, letting photographers bypass using third-party software so we can process raw files within the same software we use to edit our photos.

This book gives you a detailed explanation of the entire end-to-end process — from capturing raw images with your digital camera to organizing your files in Bridge, converting your images in Adobe Camera Raw, and then processing them in Photoshop. I explain each individual procedure as a workflow — a set of useful habits to develop in sequence. Okay, sure, the term has been a buzzword in photography trade rags over the past few years, but truly this concept is the path toward more consistent processes for getting your images from camera to print — resulting in more consistent quality. Your photography will improve just by following the steps provided in this book as you develop your workflows.

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