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Seeing the Magic Wand tool at work might make you wonder what other selection tools Photoshop has in its bag of tricks. The three lasso tools are used to create finer selections in your image:

i Lasso tool: Used for free-form drawing of selections, such as the one shown in the upper-left image of Figure 11-30. I chose this selection so I could edit out the selected yucky spot on the peach without affecting the rest of the image. (I like my fruit to be perfect — no worms!)

i Magnetic Lasso tool: Best used to trace more complex shapes. The selection marquee (the dotted line surrounding your selection) snaps to the selection like metal to a magnet when you use this tool. If you want to select (for example) the entire orange, the Magnetic Lasso tool (shown in the upper-right image of Figure 11-30) does a more accurate selection than the other Lasso tools.

i Polygonal Lasso tool: Used for drawing straight edges of a selection, the Polygonal Lasso tool is great for making selections like the one shown in the bottom image in Figure 11-30, where the areas to select are shapes that have straight lines (such as boxes, rectangles, triangles, or windows).

Figure 11-30: Selecting

an area of an image you want to edit separately from the rest of the image.

You can always get rid of a selection if you want to start over by choosing SelectODeselect or by clicking Ctrl+D on the Mac) to deselect your selection.

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