Making Selections

If you're editing photos that look just fine for the most part, often you want to change only certain parts of them. Photoshop offers a variety of tools to make selections — defined, editable areas within an image. When you make a selection in Photoshop, you can then edit only that part of the image, without changing the rest. Getting familiar with these capabilities — especially the editing of selections — is necessary if you want to edit your individual images with consistent quality. To keep that quality, the larger goal is to set up an image-editing workflow for your photos.

Selecting only certain parts of your images — and editing only those selected parts with tools covered in this chapter — gives you great creative control. You can replace a dull background with a vibrant color, darken a bright sky, brighten a dark sky, and selectively sharpen or blur a part of your image to get the desired effects.

Learn Photoshop Now

Learn Photoshop Now

This first volume will guide you through the basics of Photoshop. Well start at the beginning and slowly be working our way through to the more advanced stuff but dont worry its all aimed at the total newbie.

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