Navigating and creating image folders

Using the Bridge Folders panel is just like navigating folders via Windows Explorer, My Computer, or the Mac Finder. The Folders panel gives you an Explorer-like view of your computer and your storage devices (such as a CD-ROM drive or an external hard drive). Figure 6-1 shows how you can view folders using the Folders panel.

0 _3 Digital Images

0 _) A Original Trnages

S J ConveFtedto DWG

IMGOOQI lake mich DNG J IMG0002 f all color DNG _J IMG0DD3 DNG i_J IMG00Q4 sunset waterfall DUG B (3 Original RAW Fles

_j IMGOOQI late mich _JIMG00Q2fall color

_3 IMG00D3 faH color

__j IMG0004 sunset and waterfalls_

El _i B Working Images

Family 1 Mature *i Portraits

_'j Scapes

0 JC Output Files

_j Fine Art Prints

"i Website Images

Figure 6-1: Viewing folders in the Folders panel.

Another way to view folders and their contents through Bridge is to use the Look In menu on the Option bar, as shown in Figure 6-2.

Look In menu

Look In menu

Figure 6-2: The Look In menu.

The Look In menu gives you a hierarchical view of the folders contained in your Desktop, Favorites, and most Recent folders. Click a folder in the Look In menu, and the contents of that folder are displayed in the viewing area.

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