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As with any other process explained in this book, this chapter explains the overall adjustment of an image's color and tones in Photoshop step by step -a workflow approach. Although that process is similar for both Photoshop and Camera Raw, making adjustments in Photoshop is more of a strictly linear process. In particular, watch for these differences when you adjust color and tone in Photoshop:

m/t i ii Make color settings and proof before you make color and tonal corrections: Yep, here it comes again: color management. In Photoshop, you can work with images that have specific color spaces, such as Adobe RGB (1998), and you can proof your images as you work on them — simulating targeted output such as an image for the Web — or a printed image, on a specific paper, on your inkjet printer.

After making color and tonal adjustments in Camera Raw, you'll notice that the actual color and tones may change in appearance when you apply different color profiles or turn on proofing in Photoshop (check out the example shown in Figure 10-1). In Photoshop, you'll need to make further overall adjustments to match your intended output. (If the building looks familiar, it's where The Beatles recorded "Get Back" on the rooftop and the rest of Let It Be in the studio below. (Offhand, I think they passed the audition.)

Default color profile Epson premium glossy paper profile

Figure 10-1: Proofing images changes appearance.

Default color profile Epson premium glossy paper profile

Figure 10-1: Proofing images changes appearance.

i Make color and tonal adjustments in layers: In Camera Raw, you make color and tonal adjustments with the Adjust and Curve tabs. In Photoshop, you make these corrections in individual adjustment layers (which I explain in the "Just Layering Around" section, later in this chapter).

i Consider more options: In Camera Raw, you can adjust white balance, exposure, shadow, brightness, contrast, saturation, and curves. You have the same options in Photoshop (except for those great White Balance controls in Camera Raw), plus a few more I show you in this chapter.

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