Photoshop CS2 Image-Processing Workflows

The 5th Wave By Rich Tennant

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/n those dark days before digital photographers could shoot in raw format and take advantage of the enlightened features of Camera Raw, we had to make all our color and tonal adjustments in Photoshop. (Uphill in the snow. Both ways.) Of course, just because you're now able to do most of your correction work in Camera Raw doesn't mean you're exempt from tweaking color and tone in Photoshop before you do your edits. But okay, things are better.

One reason to know how to make levels, curves, color balance, and saturation adjustments in Photoshop is to accommodate the changes you sometimes have to make in your color-management settings, or your targeted output media (say, a particular type of inkjet paper). This Photoshop adjustment know-how comes in especially handy when you want to adjust only certain parts of an image — and (hah!) that's something you can't do in Camera Raw. Yet, anyway.

In this part, you get a handle on making overall corrections and edits to your images — to finish what you started in Camera Raw. I also show you how to use adjustment layers and Layer Masks to make even finer adjustments and edits. Don't forget: Sometimes you still have some nagging "red eye," blemishes, and errant branches you need to edit in your photos. So hang on to your hat — it's time to shift Photoshop into high gear!

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