Preparing Photos for Output

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Using a workflow for image output Remembering color management Sizing images

Resolving issues of (well, yeah) resolution Sharpening images Printing images

Understanding (relative) image permanence a Jne of the biggest challenges a photographer faces is producing output. ^^ It's not that it's difficult (or that we're lazy), but we do spend a lot of time shooting, messing around with images in Photoshop, and cruising the Web for photo sites when we have some spare time. It just seems many photographers don't print enough of their work to show off those stunning images!

Have you ever gone through and viewed images you've taken a few years ago, and wonder why you never processed them or printed them for your portfolio? (See, I know you've done that before!) This chapter shows you the process and techniques needed to produce beautiful prints and images for the Web. The ultimate destination for all our work is the final image — and I have one more set of steps to show you that will get you there: the output workflow. Hopefully, you'll realize that by incorporating this final workflow into your overall process, for every image, you'll have many more photos to hang on your wall, do a show, or post to your photo Web site.

Learn Photoshop Now

Learn Photoshop Now

This first volume will guide you through the basics of Photoshop. Well start at the beginning and slowly be working our way through to the more advanced stuff but dont worry its all aimed at the total newbie.

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