Reading the Histogram and RGB Values

The histogram and the RGB readout give you information about the color and exposure values of the image as it appears in the Camera Raw Image Preview. The RGB readout displays the Red, Green, and Blue color values when you point to a selection in the Image Preview with any of four tools (Zoom, Hand, White Balance, or Color Sampler). The histogram, as shown in Figure 8-3, shows the current exposure setting of the image.


Figure 8-3: The Camera Raw Histogram and RGB readout.

Reading the RGB values and viewing the histogram is cool, but what does it all mean to the photographer who's processing images in Camera Raw? In essence, they are both visual tools you can use to evaluate the adjustments you're making to the image.

The histogram shows you the current individual Red-, Green-, and Blue-channel histograms; you use it to evaluate exposure. White and colored spikes at either the left or right of the histogram indicate clipping. With that information, you can better judge where to adjust the tonal values of the image.

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