Reducing color noise

Color noise visible in an image appears like little colored speckles in the shadow or sky areas of certain images.

If you're having a tough time figuring out the difference between color noise and luminance noise, experiment a little. Enlarge the image preview to 100 to 200 percent, and be sure to set both the Luminance Smoothing and Color Noise Reduction sliders to 0. Move the Luminance Smoothing slider to the right until you see the grainy-looking noise start to go away. If there is color noise in the image, you can still see it as those pesky colored speckly thingies (a seldom used technical term for color noise).

To reduce color noise, you don't have to move the slider to a value of 30 or 40; sometimes only slight adjustments to a value of 3 to 7 will do the trick.

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