Removing spots

You may think that with today's digital cameras, dust spots are a thing of the past. That's not necessarily so. Digital SLRs use interchangeable lenses; when you change these lenses, dust can sneak into the camera and onto the image sensor — and you have digital dust spots. Fortunately, the Spot Healing Brush tool offers a digital remedy.

Finding a photograph to use as an example of how the Spot Healing Brush tool eliminates blemishes was hard to do; not many models would approve of a page or two about their imperfections! But a landscape can't argue — so I use one here to show you how to fix dust spots with the Spot Healing Brush tool.

Might as well get right to it: Figure 11-35 shows a photo that contains a dust spot that has to be removed.

Here's how to remove a portion of the image, such as a blemish or a dust spot:

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