Selection options

When you make selections with any tools, options are available to make your selections more precise. Figure 11-31 shows the Select menu, which provides functionality to help you work with selections.

The most commonly used options in the Select menu include these:

l All: Use this command to select the entire image. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+A (^+A on the Mac).

l Deselect: Choose Deselect to remove the selection outline you have made. When making selections you often have to deselect in order to start over to make the correct selections. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D (^+D on the Mac).

l Inverse: Sometimes you want to select an area that's tricky, complex, or otherwise just tough to select. If you're lucky, the rest of the image may be easier to select; if that's the case, select the easier area — and then choose SelectOInverse. The Inverse command reverses your selection, selecting the previously unselected portion of your image.



Deselect k





All Layers


Deselect Layers

Similar Layers

Color Range.,.






Transform Selection

Load Selection,.

Save Selection.,

Figure 11-31: The Select menu provides additional commands to use when making selections.

l Feather: Choose this command, and then indicate the number of pixels. A feather of two or three pixels provides a smooth, realistic edge for your selections in many photos. Experiment with setting the feature to different numbers of pixels until you find the right setting for your photo. To feather a selection, choose SelectOFeather or press Ctrl+Alt+D (^+Option+D on the Mac).

i Grow: When you choose the Grow command, you can increase the contiguous areas of your selection to include areas that are similar in color. To grow a selection, choose SelectOGrow.

i Similar: The Similar command increases your selection to all like colors of the current selection, regardless of their place in the image. To expand a noncontiguous selection with similar colors, choose SelectO Similar.

Before you can use the Select commands, you must have actual selections made in your image. And it bears repeating: Make sure you duplicate the background layer before making selections. Selections can be cumbersome, but with practice, you can become more proficient.

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