Sharpening things up

The Sharpness control lets you apply sharpening to the preview image, the converted image, or both. My recommendation is to apply sharpening only to the preview, just to check for the sharpness of the image. Actual sharpening should be applied to the actual image only after adjustments, edits, and sizing is made to the image in Photoshop.

(flNG/ The quality you get when you sharpen an image depends on its final size. If you sharpen an image before you resize it, you could do more damage than good, winding up with an extremely oversharpened appearance in the final output version. If you use the Sharpness control in Camera Raw, use it only temporarily — to add sharpness to preview images.

Here's how to set Camera Raw's Sharpness control to sharpen preview images only:

click the Camera Raw Menu button and click the Camera Raw Menu button and

Figure 9-21: Applying sharpening to preview images only.

1. Open Camera Raw Preferences.

Press Ctrl+K (^+K on a Mac) or select Preferences.

2. Set the Apply sharpening to selection to "preview only."

In the Camera Raw Preferences window (shown in Figure 9-21), choose Preview Images Only from the Apply Sharpening To drop-down list. When you make this selection, Camera Raw applies sharpening to preview images only.

Figure 9-21: Applying sharpening to preview images only.

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