The Part of Tens

The 5th Wave By Rich Tennani

The 5th Wave By Rich Tennani

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f the earth hadn't been created in seven days, it could easily have taken ten. Maybe that's why there are exactly 10 working days in a one-month period (for me, anyway!), it takes 10 steps to get from my desk to the refrigerator, and it's about a 10-mile round-trip from my house to the zoo, where they have accommodations for 10 monkeys. (I like monkeys.) I have about 10 dollars in my wallet. I can eat 10 Hostess cupcakes in one sitting. I must have included 10 photos of squirrels in this book because there must be 10 nests of the darn things around my house. Do you see a pattern here? Ten! Yes, the number 10, five plus five, eleven minus one — the theme of this part!

The Part of Tens is my personal favorite part of writing these books. I can get a little more creative with these chapters, and assemble them as sets of 10-cool-things-about-Photoshop. In Chapter 13, I show you 10 ways to improve and share your photographs, such as converting color images to black and white, creating photo Web sites directly from Photoshop, and stitching together panoramas. Very cool stuff, and easy to do!

I also show how to add special effects that turn ordinary photos (maybe some you wouldn't bother using) into works of art. I even impress myself sometimes when messing around with a "blah" image (or an artistic photo) produces something beautiful — or downright weird. But the main point is to open your mind to the possibilities, be creative, and (most of all) have fun with your images. I sure do!

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