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One timesaving feature of Photoshop is that you can set up tools the way you like them. You work with these every day, so it's nice to have some of

Figure 11-23: Right-click in the image to view the Zoom tool's options.

them set up with your own customized settings and shortcuts. When you save settings for commonly used tools in Photoshop, you create tool presets.

I prepare a lot of photos for print and for the Web. One set of presets I use on a regular basis is my crop settings — for both my Web site and for printing. I create crop presets including 11x14 inches at 360dpi for prints and 4x5 inches at 72dpi for the Web. Then I save these crop settings as presets so I don't have to go in and manually specify a crop setting every time I want to crop an image.

Other common presets to consider are for Brush sizes, frequently used fonts, and font sizes. As you become more familiar with Photoshop and really nail down your everyday image-editing workflow, try setting up your common tools using the Tool Presets palette shown in Figure 11-24.

Figure 11-24: The Tool Presets palette and flyout menu.

The Tool Presets palette offers some useful features for creating presets:

l You can drag the Tool Presets palette from the Palette well to your image window.

I If you need to view all presets instead of the presets for the tool selected, uncheck the Current Tool Only check box. Re-check Current Tool Only to view only the presets for the selected tool.

l You can organize presets by tool type, delete presets, or change the way presets are displayed. To do so, use the Preset Manager located in the Tool Presets flyout menu.

To set up a tool preset, follow these steps:

1. Click the tool in the Toolbox that you want to create a preset for.

In Figure 11-25, I'm selecting the Crop tool.

Figure 11-25: Select the Crop tool.

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