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The Photoshop version CS2 hasn't changed much from the past few versions (CS2 is actually version 9!), but a whole slew of new features have appeared under the hood.

I cover these features in Part III, but here are a few popular new ones:

l New Exposure control: Photoshop now includes a new control that lets you adjust exposure outside of Camera Raw that can be used for JPEG or TIFF images.

I New Blur and Sharpen filters: CS2 provides us with more Blur and Sharpen tools, I cover both in more detail in Chapters 11 and 12. Figure 1-14 shows the new Smart Sharpen filter — bound to be the new photographer's favorite CS2 sharpening tool for photos.

Figure 1-14: The new Smart Sharpen tool provides the photographer with more options for sharpening photos.

i Vanishing Point filter: This feature is tailored to advanced users who seek to edit images in perfect perspective.

i Smart Objects: Using these, you can make edits to an image file while linking the image to the original. Linking to the original lets you maintain the quality of an image; your photos remain sharp even after extensive edits because the linked original remains unchanged. I've found that even some older, low-resolution digital images can benefit from this feature, especially those I've edited extensively.

I Lens Correction filter: The new Lens Correction filter provides the capability to correct lens shortcomings such as barrel distortion and vignetting. Those of you who are familiar with those problems probably feel like cheering. Here's the gist: Some lenses at extreme settings create slight darkened borders around an image, called vignetting. Also, you can see visible distortion at extreme zoom settings, especially wide angle.

l Red Eye tool: The new Red Eye tool lets you easily correct the red eye effect that plagues so many snapshots of family and friends who really don't want to look like insomniacs or vampires.

i Spot Healing Brush tool: I use this tool a lot to correct blemishes on skin or get rid of stray gum wrappers on the floors of architectural images (such as the example shown in Figure 1-15). Nothing can ruin a photographer's mood like traveling a few thousand miles, taking photos of historic sites, and then viewing images littered with garbage on the floor! The Spot Healing Brush comes in handy for just those situations. (Too bad there isn't a real-life equivalent.)

Figure 1-15: The Spot Healing Brush is a great tool to help clean up parts of a photo.

A cleaned floor

Figure 1-15: The Spot Healing Brush is a great tool to help clean up parts of a photo.

i WYSIWYG fonts: Great acronym, but what does it mean? (Just kidding. What You See Is What You Get has been around for a few years.) Photoshop now shows you exactly what the font will look like when you add text to a Photoshop document using the Text tool.

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