Changing the Character's Pivot Point

Notice that the mesh's general axis displays the Z-axis pointing up, the X-axis to the left, and the Y-axis to the rear. Game engines will specify the axial orientation; many times this is default, but some will say to have the Y- or Z-axis pointing forward. To change the pivot point, rotate the entire mesh 180 degrees about the Z-axis with Angle Snap toggled to On (see Figure 4.9). Then, in the Utilities panel, apply a Reset Xform. Now the mesh has the Y-axis pointing forward.

After you've done the optimization and pivot tests, remember to reload the original fixed mesh with the seven attached components.

Figure 4.8 Using a MultiRes modifier at a 50 percent face count reduces my count from 10,762 to 5,316.
Pivot Characters
Figure 4.9 To change the character's general pivot point, rotate the entire mesh about its Z-axis 180 degrees. Apply a Reset Xform modifier to lock it.

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