Exporting and Viewing the Hicks Model in Torque

You can export the character to the Torque game engine using the DTS Exporter utility, which you can find in the Utilities panel after you install the plug-in. Go to the exporter and select Whole Shape. Make the name player.dts, and save the file to the \RealmWars\rw\data\shapes\player\ area instead. Be sure to have your player.cfg file in the same directory, along with the 3ds max MAX file and the Hicks modelSkin.png skin file. The difference in exporting this time is that you need to create the DTS object in the existing\player\ folder. Navigate to that folder, and you'll see more than 30 different DSQ files, which are Torque's animation sequence files. These were also generated using the DTS Exporter utility. These files will animate the Hicks model's bones structure during game-play.

The exporter might take a while, because there is a lot to process. Remember to look at the dump.dmp file if anything goes wrong, or if an animation sequence does not work properly. Sometimes when a certain animation sequence won't work, you need to adjust the CFG file and include or exclude node or bone labels.

After you've loaded the model using the realmwars.exe show utility, click on the Thread Control button. This loads a Thread Control panel that you can use to view the different animation sequences being applied to the bones in the Hicks model. Make sure that the animations work, or you'll have problems using the Hicks model during the game!

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