Fixing Mesh Errors

Now that you've separated your elements, you can reapply the STL Check modifier to each item and correct its errors. I like to keep this modifier on top of the stack and work on the mesh below it, with Show End Results toggled to On. Beginning with the boot, look for the errors and zoom in on them. In Figure 4.4, I saw some multiple-edge errors, so I clicked and dragged over a single vertex in Vertex Edit mode. The Modify panel showed three vertices selected, which means that area has duplicate subobjects.

To fix this error, I can usually just click Weld on the Modifier panel to weld them together as a single vertex, but in this case, there were multiple vertices with this same problem. Instead, I applied a Weld Vertices modifier with a Threshold value of 0.01m, just below the STL Check modifier. This automatically welds all vertices in the mesh element that are within the immediate 0.01m vicinity of one another. This modifier cured all ailments in the boot according to the STL Check (see Figure 4.5).

Continuing throughout the character's mesh elements, first try the Weld Vertices modifier to fix problems. If errors persist, you have to further

Figure 4.3 Isolate all main elements in the rest of the mesh. In this figure, I've separated 20 items, which will help me during the UV unwrapping process in the next chapter.

Figure 4.4 Add an STL Check modifier to the boot element. Here I selected a single vertex, but it turned out to be three vertices occupying the same space. This indicates a multiple-edge error.

analyze the mesh. Look at the bad geometry and see if deleting and recreating faces helps, or look for crossed or duplicate edges. In Figure 4.6,1 found a couple of crossed edges by looking at Vertex Edit mode. The edges cross, and there are no vertices at the intersections. Sometimes you can move vertices around to uncross them. Deleting the geometry and recreating the faces also resolves the issue.

Figure 4.5

Applying a Weld Vertices modifier to the boot element fixes any errors in its mesh.

Figure 4.6 If a Weld Vertices modifier doesn't fix the geometry, look for crossed vertices or other bad polygons and either move the vertices around or delete and recreate the geometry.

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