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Sleep is overrated. A nightly activity that by me is hated. It disrupts my busy life, And fills my nights full of strife. I'd rather stay awake and keep on working, Instead of feeling like my deadlines I'm shirking.

If I didn't sleep, I wouldn't need a bed, And I'd have another room in my house instead.

Wearing pajamas is such a fashion bore, And changing into them is always such a chore.

If I could stay awake, I'd get so much done, And maybe even have time to have some fun. So tonight, I'll start my life with no sleep, It shouldn't be a schedule too hard to keep.

It will really make my life one of ease, If I could just get away from all these ZZZs. So before I start, I'll just lie down for a second, And start my plan after a couple days of sleep, I reckon.

This book is dedicated to Michelle, who understands what it means to lack sleep.

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