Hardware and Software Considerations

The graphics capabilities of 3ds Max are somewhat limited by your computer's hardware and software. You need to configure your system properly so that it can display high-quality 3D graphics and shaders and you can view your work in real-time as you would in an actual video game. As you might know, most video games require or prompt you to load DirectX 9c (as of the spring of 2006— soon to be DirectX 10) before they can run properly because DirectX graphics commands drive the game's engine. Such commands also drive 3ds Max when the DirectX video mode is enabled in Max. But for DirectX to do its job, it needs to run on the proper hardware, dictated by your computer's video card. Here I will expose you to some of the hardware and related software drivers that you should have in your computer.


The latest version of DirectX, 9c, is located on this book's CD-ROM. It is advisable that you install it on your system before installing 3ds Max 8 and other video games.

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