Isolating Mesh Elements

Before you begin to fix your mesh, isolate your character into individual elements so that you can operate on them separately. Reload your saved mesh that has no STL Check modifier and is still in Editable Poly form. Working from the boots upward, isolate your elements. For instance, enter Element Edit mode, and select the entire boot. Make sure all subobjects that constitute the boot are selected, and click Detach on the Modifier panel (see Figure 4.2). Name the object Boot. In the Hierarchy panel, click Affect Pivot Only and center the pivot to the object.

Figure 4.2 Beginning with the boot, detach it in Element Edit mode and center its pivot.

Do this for all the elements in the character mesh. In Figure 4.3, notice that I've detached 20 different main elements, which will help me unwrap them during the UV unwrapping process in Chapter 5, "UV Mapping the Character in 3ds Max."

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