Last Note on Other Game Engines

You're probably wondering about using the Hicks model in other games. Most of the information about creating meshes, skinning them, and setting them up for use in the Torque engine apply to other games like Half-Life, Quake, and Unreal. All that's really necessary is to obtain the 3ds Max plug-ins for those games so that you can export your models and change the naming of an object or two, add a dummy, and so on. I decided to avoid getting into any detail on those engines, because getting permissions to use plug-ins, screen shots, and so on from companies like that is very difficult, not to mention time-consuming. GarageGames was kind enough to allow me to use Torque, an excellent 3D game engine. Coupled with the fact that Torque is so affordable ($100), what could be better? Remember, for that small price, you're not just getting a game, but an entire game engine whose code you can modify to create your own game, including your own personalized graphics. Anyway, for other game engines, just get on the Web and download the SDK (software development kit) for whatever you want to develop. I'm sure the kits (not the engines) will be free of charge.

See Appendix B, "Related Web Sites and Links," for information on popular game engine sites. The SDKs are usually free for download and contain the plug-ins and instructions necessary to get you rockin' and rollin'.

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