Linking the Nodes

Now that you've created all the basic nodes required to make the Hicks model work in Torque, you need to link them to the proper locations in the Schematic view. You open the Schematic View window using the Graph Editors, New Schematic View. This window is great for linking objects, because every object is represented by a simple labeled rectangle called a node, and links between objects are simple lines. To link between two nodes, click the Connect button and drag from the child object to its parent.

Open the Schematic view and link each node as follows:

■ Link the Detail2 dummy to the Bip01 node (at the top of the hierarchy).

■ Link the Mount0 dummy to the Bip01 Right Hand.

■ Link the Mount1 and Mount2 dummies to Bip01 Spine2.

■ Link the Eye dummy to the Bip01 Head.

■ Link the Unlink dummy to the Bip01 node. Then you must link the Cam dummy to the Unlink dummy.

■ Link the Ski0 and Ski1 dummies to the Bip01 Left Calf and Right Calf, respectively.

Finally, link the Bounds (bounding box) to the Bip01 node (at the top of the hierarchy). Figure 8.20 shows the exploded schematic view you should have.

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