Preparing the Map for 3ds

When you're finished with your texture, you need to resize it properly so that the game engine can handle it. For Torque, the texture needs to be 512x512 pixels or smaller, and saved as a PNG file. After you've saved the texture, you can load it in Max. Other game engines, such as Half-Life and Unreal, require you to save the maps as palettized BMP and PCX files.

To save the texture properly, first save the entire image file as is, with the UV layer on top and a single, merged base layer on the bottom, as a PSD file. This way you can come back to it and make modifications. Next, delete the UV layer entirely. Then click Image, Image Size, and set the dimensions to 512x512 pixels, with Resolution set at 512. Also, set the resampling option to Bilinear to help avoid a border that gets created otherwise. Most games these days use 256x256 bitmaps, but I hate that. We're at the end of those days, and I demand higher resolutions! Anyway, with the texture map properly resized, click File, Save As, and save the image as a PNG file. The PNG file format is one of the best formats you can use for games. It is supported by the Torque game engine.

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