Selecting Body Parts

In the previous chapter, we divided the Hicks character into several parts so that we could texture them separately. We can use symmetry to reduce the number of textures that we need to create, but the base list will include the following:

■ Legs (including the pelvis region)

■ Arms (including the hands)

For each body part that is selected, you can choose a specific set of faces to be textured separately. For example, when texturing the arms, you'll want to separate all the hand polygon faces from the rest of the arm and scale them up. In this way, you can draw the hands with greater detail than the rest of the arms.

You need to select faces before you can choose a mapping type. Whenever you select a subobject in the viewport, the same subobject selection is also selected in the Edit UVWs window, and vice versa. This provides two ways to select the appropriate subobjects.

The Command Panel also includes several selection controls. When Ignore Backfacing is disabled, it selects all subobjects that you drag over; when the option is disabled, it selects only those subobjects that face the current view. You can also select by element or select all subobjects within a given Planar angle. The Expand button has a plus sign on it. It expands the current selection and tries to stick within the given seams. The Reduce button has a minus sign and does the opposite.

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