Skin Texturing with Photoshop CS2

After you've defined all the UVs for your character, it's worth your time to check out the mapping for each part with a test texture. Then after you've saved out the various templates, you can pull the templates into Photoshop and proceed to paint the various textures. Photoshop lets you place the template on a background layer, making it visible without painting on top of it. In this chapter, you will

■ Test the UV mappings with a checkerboard image

■ Render each mapping template

■ Load each template into Photoshop

■ Paint the head texture

■ Paint the arm and hand textures

■ Paint the torso, leg, and boot textures

■ Apply the textures to the character in 3ds Max

■ Use the Render to Texture interface to bake the resulting textures

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Learn Photoshop Now

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