Step 5: Unwrap the Eyes

The eyes are easy to map, but they also contain a lot of detail. Even though the eyes are only a small part, they still can get a rather large section of the texture map because people notice the eyes and its details.

1. Select one of the eye objects, and apply the Unwrap UVW modifier. Select the Face subob-ject, and drag over the entire object. Click on the Planar button, and use the Best Align button to position the Planar gizmo so that it surrounds the eye (see Figure 5.38).

Figure 5.38 Select the eye faces, apply the Planar mapping, and position the Planar gizmo to surround the eye object.

2. Click on the Edit button to open the Edit UVWs window. The simple Planar mapping is shown (see Figure 5.39).

3. Drag the applied Unwrap UVW modifier from the mapped eye to the unmapped eye to apply the same mapping to the other eye.

Figure 5.39 The Planar map for the eye is shown in the Edit UVWs window.
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