Texturing the Arms and Hands

The arms and hands aren't much to talk about. There's plenty of mesh definition, so the base texture nearly suffices. The only thing I did was to highlight the areas where the finger-less glove are. Also, remember to pull the skin color from the face so that the skin tone matches.

1. Open the UV templates for both arms. Add a new layer to each file, copy the skin color from the head texture image, and fill both arm textures with this color.

2. Add Noise to texture, with about 5 percent monochromatic (see Figure 6.41).

3. Zoom in on each hand, and lasso the areas of the hand that are covered by the gloves, with holes at each end. Then fill these areas with a black color, and apply the Reticulation filter (see Figure 6.42).

4. Hide the background layer, reset the base layer's opacity, and save the file as a PSD and a TIF file.

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