The Hicks Rebuild #2A163 Background

To understand the profile of the character we're creating, let's look into his background. This U.S. Marine cyborg, currently labeled HICKS Rebuild #2A163, was actually Corporal Dwayne Hicks from the movie Aliens. In Alien3, Hicks, Newt (the little girl), and Ripley were automatically jettisoned to escape the planet. After jettison, Newt had drowned in her cryotube, and Hicks had been impaled by a safety beam. What the movie didn't show you is that Hicks' body was immediately kept in cryostasis upon discovery, and the corporation ordered his body to be reconstructed, cybernetically, and his brain reactivated. The corporation valued Hicks and Ripley because of their significant alien encounters.

Born in 2114 in the western outskirts of Belle Plaine, Kansas, Dwayne Hicks grew up in a country setting on a large farm with four older brothers and one younger sister. His parents subjected the family to labor on their farm, so he grew up with more callous than the average American. A comely and intelligent teen, he also played football in high school and was determined to join the military as soon as he was eligible. He was an unpretentious individual who should have been an officer but lacked the desire to acquire a college degree. Enlisting in the Marines was cut out for him.

Upon completion of his training at Parris Island boot camp at age 19, Hicks served two years in a ceaseless war in the Neptune region. He was stationed at a large military compound on Triton. Exhausted by this uninteresting conflict, Hicks requested transfer to the Xenomorph division, responsible for investigating and securing uncharted other worlds and eliminating potentially hostile alien organisms. Three years of service later, it was here in the XD that he was assigned to the elite unit that traveled to LV-426, the barren world whose colonists were killed by the infamous Alien species.

Corporal Hicks, now reconstructed as HICKS Rebuild #2A163, is fully reactivated in the Marine Special Forces. His mental faculty is still intact but is considered subhuman and enhanced via special neuroprocessors. Some of Hicks' critical organs have been replaced, as has his left forearm. He is rigged with combat-style support gear.

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