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Pat Duke & Elin Winkler

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Will Allison

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Matthew High

Photoshop for Comics: Master Course First Edition

Photoshop for Comics: Master Course published by Radio Comix, PMB #117 San Antonio, TX 78216. All contents are copyright © 2003 Pat Duke. Adobe Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. All brand names and product names used in this book are trademarks, registered trademarks or trade names of their respective holders. Nothing from this book may be reproduced without the express written consent of Radio Comix, except for purposes of review or promotion. FIRST EDITION. FIRST PRINTING. August 2003. Printed in the USA.


Forword 8

Introduction 9

So why is this book on CD? 10

Book notation conventions 10

Book updates 10

Bonus Goodies on the CD 11

Chapter 1 - Hardware

Getting Started 13

Essential Hardware 15

Optional Hardware 18

Chapter 2 - Coloring Part 1 - Setting Up Your Files

Preparing Files 20

What is DPI? 21

Anti-Aliasing 22

Setting Up Your Image for Coloring 22

Alternate Methods 23

The Channels Method 24

RGB or CMYK? 25

Quick Reference List 26

Chapter 3 - Coloring Part 2 - Coloring

The Lasso Tool 28

The Color Picker 29

Chapter 4 - Coloring Part 3 - Anime

Style Coloring

Demongirl Tutorial 30

Chapter 5 - Coloring Part 4 - Cuts Style Coloring

Superheroine Tutorial 65

Chapter 6 - Coloring Part 5 - Finalizing Your Files

I'm done coloring, now what? 109

Flattening your image 110

File Formats 110

Compression Notes 113

Chapter 7 - Coloring Part 6 - Effects Techniques

Glows 115

Knockouts 117

Speedlines 120

Television Interlacing 122

Chapter 8 - Black & White

Screen Tones 125

Resolution and Screen Tones 127

Custom Patterns 128

Lettering 128

Fonts 129

Word Balloons 129

Chapter 9 - Output

LPI 133

Trapping 134

Chapter 10 - Reference - Digital Theory

Color Space Theory 136

Modes and Color Space 137

LAB mode 138

Chapter 11 - Reference - Resources

Company Sites 140

Digital Art Forums 141

Digital Art News 141

Comic Coloring Sites 141

Acknowledgments 143

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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