The Lasso Tool

The actual techniques behind coloring are relatively simple and easy to learn. Mastering them, however, will take practice.

The primary tools used in coloring are the Lasso Tool [L], the Airbrush [B] and the Fill command [shift backspace/delete].

The Lasso Tool is a selection device, acting like digital frisket. Areas which are selected can be edited. Areas outside the selection won't be edited. The Lasso Tool works in several different ways. First and foremost is in freehand mode. Freehand mode allows you to simply draw your selection. The next important mode is in anchored mode. Used in combination with freehand mode, you can depress the [alt] key to anchor the line. Once anchored, you can lift your drawing pen from the tablet and your selection line will follow your cursor, plotting a straight line to anywhere you resume drawing. This is very quick way to draw straight lines and cover large distances quickly.

Two additional Lasso Tool points: One, when you have an active selection on the canvas, you can add to it by using the [shift] key. Any additional selections you make now will be added to the existing selection. This is useful for selecting multiple objects. Second, you can subtract from any active selection by holding down the [ctrl] key. This is useful for correcting freehand selections where you got sloppy, or for cutting holes in your selections.

I highly suggest you master these two techniques as nearly most of your time coloring will be spent making selections.

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