Add light and dark areas

Adding light and dark areas within your stencil art helps to create a genuine weathered look when you apply it to your surface destination.











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I Ensure that the target all layers and contiguous options are disabled in the tool options bar. Leave the tolerance set to 32 and click on a non-white area of the background layer. Click on the create a new layer button in the layers palette.

I Drag the layer to the top within the layers palette and select the brush tool. Press 'd' to set the foreground color to black and then paint within the selection here and there on the new layer. Alter brush opacity and diameter as you paint.

I Press the 'x' key to switch the foreground color to white. Create a new layer and then paint some faint white areas within the active selection on this layer. Increase the diameter of your brush and use a very low opacity setting.

6 I Open up the rusty.jpg file. This is a grayscale detail photo of a rusted metal surface. It is not the subject matter that is appealing in this case, but rather the contrast and interesting divisions between light and dark. Type control(PC)/ command(Mac)-I on the keyboard to invert the image. Then use the move tool to drag it into the working file as a new layer. Hold down the shift key as you drag to ensure correct positioning.

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