Auto add/delete

When using the Pen tool, by default, the auto add/delete option is enabled. When this option is enabled, points are added to, or removed from any selected path depending upon where you click. If you click on an existing point, it will be removed. If you click on a line segment, a point will be added.

luCV PT Tolerance: (32 | gAntt-ajHS ^Contiguous □ Sample All Layers

8 I Press the 'd' key to set the foreground color to black if it isn't already. Ensure that your new layer is targeted and your current selection is active. Type alt(PC)/ option(Mac)-delete to fill the active selection with the current foreground color on the new layer. Type Control(PC)/Command(Mac)-d to deactivate the selection. Select the magic wand tool. In the tool options bar, ensure that the contiguous option is enabled, sample all layers is disabled, and that the tolerance is left at its default setting of 32. Click on her shirt area contained within the black outlines to load it as a selection.

Illustrating from Sketches

9 I Hold down the shift key and click on her sleeve area as well, adding it to the currently active selection. Click on the foreground color swatch in the toolbar to open the picker. Select a bright orange color from the picker and click OK to specify it as the current foreground color. Create a new layer in the layers palette and drag it beneath the black outline layer. With the selection active, choose Select>Modify>Expand from the menu. Expand the selection by a single pixel or two and then fill the active selection with your new foreground color on the new layer. Deselect.

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