Changing fill color

The quickest method for changing the fill color of a solid color layer begins by targeting it in the layers palette. Once the layer is targeted, you can type alt(PC)/ option(Mac)-delete on the keyboard to change the fill color of the layer to your current foreground color. To change it to your current background color, type Control(PC)/Command(Mac)-delete instead.

Part 1: Drawing and Painting

Part 1: Drawing and Painting

15 I With the pen tool set to add to shape area, continue to carefully draw closed path components that trace all of the dark details of the statue. Remember to simplify and stylize the details as you see fit. Zoom in and out as necessary while you work. Some areas, like her chest, ear holes, and the space between her neck and shoulders will require a two-step process. The first step is to create path components that cover the entire areas. There is a logic to this as well, as we'll be performing a careful subtraction operation next.

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