Continuing to edit masked layers

Once you've created your gradients and added a vector mask to a layer, it doesn't mean that your layer contents have to remain that way. Remember, in areas where you added shading within a vector mask, you can edit the layer contents whenever you like. Simply target the layer, not the mask, in the layers palette and edit the layer using any paint tool. You can paint with a brush or add different colored gradients to alter the colors. Paint anywhere on the layer you like, but bear in mind that only areas that aren't clipped by the layer mask will be visible.

18 I Create a new layer and select the polygonal lasso tool. Enable the visibility of your sketch layer once again. However, ensure that your new layer is presently targeted in the layers palette. Enable the add to selection option in the tool options bar and draw a series of polygons on the left side of the canvas, based on what is indicated by the sketch layer.Select the gradient tool and choose a green foreground color from the picker. Set the gradient opacity to 50%. Click and drag repeatedly, from the edges of the canvas inwards, to create a series of gradients within the polygons around the left edges of the canvas.

Illustrating from Sketches

19 I Deselect and create a new layer. Disable the visibility of the sketch layer. Target the new layer and again, draw a series of polygonal shaped selections. This time, make them thinner than before, and try to create them in-between the larger polygons that you created previously. Use a dark blue foreground color and the gradient tool to create numerous gradients within this selection on the new layer. Deactivate the selection when you're finished. In the layers palette, click on the layer below while holding down the shift key to target it too. Choose Layer>New>Group From Layers from the menu.

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