Converting points

You can access the convert point tool within the expanded pen tool button in the tool bar, or by holding down the alt(PC)/ option(Mac) key when using the pen tool. To convert a corner point to a smooth point, simply click and drag on it using the convert point tool. Direction lines will appear, curving the line segments on either side of the point as you drag. To convert a smooth point to corner point, click on it once with the convert point tool and the direction lines will disappear, removing the direction lines and the curvature from the line segments.

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7 I When you close your last path component, there should be no single component currently selected within your path. If for some reason, you have a single component selected, use the path selection tool or the direct selection tool to click on an area of the canvas that contains no path. This will deselect any selected path component(s). Ensure that your new path is targeted in the paths palette, then click on the Load Path as a Selection button at the bottom of the palette. With the selection active, return to the layers palette and click on the create a new layer button at the bottom of the palette.

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