Create a gradient layer

Similar to solid color layers, gradient layers can provide the basis for a simple, graduated sky background.

1 I Choose the gradient option from the fill and adjustment layer menu at the bottom of the layers palette. This will open the gradient fill dialog box. Because the last gradient we created used the foreground to transparent preset that is what is selected.

2 I Click on the arrow button to the right of the gradient preview to open the gradient preset picker. Choose the option from the upper left within the list of presets. This is the Foreground to Background option and makes use of your previously sampled colors.

3 I Now change the angle of the gradient to -90°, flipping it horizontally, You can also enter a numeric value in the angle field or click and drag on the angle control thumbnail to the left of it. Press OK when finished.

Creative Photoshop

8 I Drag the gradient layer down in the layers palette so that it resides directly above the white overlay layer that we created earlier. Select the gradient tool and choose the foreground to transparent gradient preset in the tool options bar. Set your current foreground color to white and ensure that the gradient method is set to radial in the tool options bar. Create a new layer in the layers palette. With your new layer targeted, click and drag to create a white radial gradient where the sun would be on the horizon. Reduce the layer opacity to 65% to soften the effect.

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