Create a halftone screen pattern

Clever use of the Color Halftone filter within a new alpha channel allows us to create and store a dot pattern, which can then be loaded as a selection border.

1 I Create a new alpha channel in the channels palette. With this new channel targeted, click on the foreground color swatch in the toolbar and select a light gray foreground color from the picker. Then type alt(PC)/option(Mac)-delete to fill the entire channel with it.

2 I Choose Filter>Pixelate>Color Halftone from the menu. Enter a maximum radius of 9 pixels and set the screen angles of all four channels to 45°. This will convert the gray contents of your alpha channel to a black and white dot pattern.

3 I Load the alpha channel as a selection and return to the layers palette. With your current selection active, create a new layer and place it beneath both of your groups, yet above the adjustment layers, in the layers palette.

11 I With your new layer targeted and the current selection active, select the polygonal lasso tool. In the tool options bar, click on the intersect with selection button. Draw a very rough polygonal selection that overlaps the red background behind the bathtub on the canvas. When you close your polygonal selection, you'll immediately see the results of using the intersect option. Only areas where your two selection borders overlap remain selected. Fill the resulting selection with a light red color and deactivate the selection. Reduce the opacity of the layer slightly.

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