Create a series of masked gradient layers

Use the same method of creating gradients and applying vector masks to add highlights and shadows to different parts of the illustration across multiple layers.

1 I Create a new layer beneath the black outline layer. Target it and create some new radial, white to transparent gradients on this layer, in areas where you'd like to add highlights. For a less drastic result, reduce the gradient opacity in places.

2 I Select the pen tool. With the add to path area function enabled, create a series of closed path components to contain your highlight gradients within specific regions on the canvas. Ensure that no single path component is selected and choose Layer>Vector Mask>Current Path from the menu.

3 I Use this method to create new, vector-masked layers with different colored gradients on them, indicating the different shades within her shirt and the diamond. Also add some darker shading to her face and neck, using the same procedure once again.

Part 1: Drawing and Painting

Part 1: Drawing and Painting

17 I Create a new layer and place it directly above the solid blue layer in the layers palette. Select the gradient tool. Leave the options set as they were, except increase the gradient opacity to 100%. Choose a very light blue foreground color from the picker, then click and drag to create a large, light blue to transparent gradient in behind the woman's head on the new layer. Repeat this process a couple of times to intensify the gradient. Then choose a light purple foreground color and repeat the same process to add a glow behind the diamond.

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