Create a texture channel

Use a desktop scan of an ordinary slate tile to create a new alpha channel that will assist in ageing your outline art.

1 I Open up the slate.jpg file. Choose Image >Mode>Grayscale from the menu to remove the color information from the file. After converting to grayscale mode, choose Image>Adjustments>Levels and perform a very drastic input levels adjustment, like the one shown here.

2 I Choose Select>All and then Edit> Copy from the menu. Return to your working file. In the channels palette, click on the Create New Channel button. Target the new channel and choose Edit>Paste from the menu. Feel free to use the move tool to reposition the pasted contents.

3 I Click the load channel as a selection button at the bottom of the channels palette. Target all of your outline art layers and type Control(PC)/ Command(Mac)-g to group them. With the current selection active, click on the add layer mask button to mask the group.

4 I Type Control(PC)/Command(Mac)-shift-n on the keyboard to create a new layer. Drag the layer beneath the group in the layers palette and select the polygonal lasso tool. Use the polygonal lasso to draw a shape that surrounds the bath tub on your new layer. Select a deep red foreground color from the picker and fill the selection with it. Repeat the same procedure to create a green polygonal shape on this layer that surrounds the shoe. Now use the polygonal lasso tool to draw an irregular shaped selection that surrounds the top portion of the background.

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