Create an action

When repeating the same task over and over again, like expanding a selection, create an action to save you time in the long run. To begin, ensure that you have a selection active. Then, in the actions palette, click on the Create New Action button. Name your action, assign a function key, and click Record. Expand your selection and then click the stop recording button in the Actions palette. The next time you want to expand a selection, all you need to do is click on the assigned function key to play the action, which will automatically expand your selection.

11 I Deactivate the selection and create a new layer. Target the new layer and choose a new, light blue foreground color from the picker. Type alt(PC)/ option(Mac)-delete to fill the entire new layer with the foreground color. Drag the layer to the bottom of the stack in the layers palette. Then drag the sketch layer to the top of the stack. From now on, we'll enable and disable the visibility of the sketch layer as required, making it visible only when it is needed as a guide. Change the blending mode of the sketch layer to multiply and reduce the opacity to 65%.

12 I Select the pen tool and ensure that the add to path area option is enabled. Draw a closed path component around the perimeter of her lips, using the same method you used to draw your first path component around the entire woman. Now examine the details of her face that are indicated by the sketch. Create a few thin, closed path components that will add lines of detail to her face. Next, select the subtract from path area option and create two closed path components, surrounding her lips, inside the outer lips path component. Load the entire path as a selection.

13 I Target the layer that contains your black outline art in the layers palette, and fill the new selection with black on that layer. Deactivate the selection and select the magic wand tool. Using the same settings as before, use the magic wand to target both empty areas inside the lip outlines. Expand the selection slightly using the Select>Modify>Expand menu option and target the layer that contains your other solid colors in the layers palette. Fill the active selection with red on this layer and deselect. Select the Pen tool and ensure that the add to path area option is enabled.

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