Create halftone backgrounds

Use the halftone channel alongside the polygonal lasso's intersect function, to create and fill a series dotted of backgrounds for your line art.

1 I Load the channel as a selection again and use the polygonal lasso to create a selection border behind the shoe that intersects with the channel-based selection. Fill the area with green on a new layer. Repeat this process to add a light blue pattern behind the lower portion of the figure.

2 I Load the halftone channel as a selection again and this time, choose Select>Inverse from the menu. Again, use the polygonal lasso to draw a selection border intersecting the area behind the upper portion of the figure. Fill the selection with gold on a new layer.

3 I Use this same method to load the channel as a selection, invert it, and draw a polygonal selection that intersects the selected area behind the sock. Fill the resulting selection with green on a new layer. Deactivate the selection.

13 I Target all of the halftone layers, adjustment layers, and areas that contain solid colored polygons. Add all of these background-affecting layers to a new group within the layers palette. After you do this, create a new layer and drag it to the top of stack within the layers palette. Select the brush tool and choose a hard,round brush preset from the brush preset picker in the tool options bar. Choose a dark flesh foreground color from the picker and paint some shading onto the figure's skin on your new layer.

12 I Now that the composition is beginning to take shape. Let's take a moment and look at things that require a bit of refining to enhance color and contrast overall. Because this file is built as separate layers, performing alterations is easy. First, change the blending mode of the hue/saturation layer that affects the area behind the sock to multiply. Next, change the blending mode of the halftone layer behind the lower portion of the figure to multiply and reduce the opacity. Finally, duplicate the other hue/saturation adjustment layer, change the blending mode to linear burn, and reduce the opacity considerably.

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