Creating solid color layers

In addition to using the pop-up menu at the bottom of the layers palette to create a solid color layer, you can use the main menu if that is what you prefer. Simply choose Layer>New Fill Layer>Solid Color from the menu. This is just one example of numerous features within Photoshop that can be accessed in more than one place within the workspace.

4 I In the tool options bar, select the rectangular shape tool. Ensure that the create new shape layer option is enabled and un-click the link button, so that the existing shape layer is unaffected by what we do next. Next, click on the color swatch in the tool options bar and choose a rather dark blue color from the picker. If you did not deactivate the link button, this would've altered the color of the current layer, which contains the landmasses. Click and drag at the bottom of the canvas to create a blue shape layer over the water area.


Creative Photoshop

Part 1: Drawing and Painting

5 I Select the pen tool and, once again, ensure that it is set to create paths and not shape layers in the tool options bar. Enable the add to path area function and then take a good look at the sky in the photograph on the background layer. Try to look past all of the rippling cloud details and visually pick out the darkest cloud covered areas of the sky. Use the pen tool to draw a series of path components surrounding these areas. But simplify what you see as you create your paths. Make the components look smooth and stylized. Have some fun with it.

Photoshop CS Mastery

Photoshop CS Mastery

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