Editing masks

You can reintroduce any masked areas by adding white into those areas when your layer mask is targeted in the layers palette. If too much of your group is masked by your channel-based mask, go ahead and paint white over those areas with a soft paintbrush and a white foreground color to make them visible again. You can also reduce the areas affected by your hue/saturation layer masks by targeting the mask and then filling a selected area with black, hiding the effect in that area.

5 I With the current selection active, create a new hue/saturation adjustment layer by choosing hue/saturation from the list of options in the create new fill or adjustment layer menu at the bottom of the layers palette. Adjust the hue to +111, and reduce the saturation by 76. This creates a hue/saturation adjustment layer with a mask based upon your selection border. Now use the polygonal lasso tool to draw a selection border around the sock area. Again, create a new hue/saturation adjustment layer. Set the hue to +21, and reduce the lightness to -29.

6 I Expand your group and target the figure outlines layer in the layers palette. Select the magic wand tool. Ensure that the contiguous option is enabled and that the sample all layers option is disabled in the tool options bar. Leave the tolerance set to the default value of 32 and click in the figure's empty shirt area that is surrounded by outline art. With your new selection active, create a new layer and drag it beneath the expanded group in the layers palette. Fill the active selection with a lighter red foreground color and deselect.

7 I Use the move tool to click and drag a little, offsetting the registration so that the fill color of his shirt doesn't match up with the outline. Again, target the figure outline layer and this time, click in the face area to select it. Then hold down the shift key and click inside the other areas of skin like his foot, hands, etc. This will add all of these areas to your selection. Create another new layer beneath your group in the layers palette. Fill the active selection with a flesh colored foreground color and deselect. Reduce the opacity of the layer to 44%.

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