Examine the finished art

Let's take a look at both of our brush presets and note what is effective when it comes to producing convincing stencil art.

a I Overspray can't be avoided in the process of real world stenciling, so it is important that it is included here. Using a scan of the real thing certainly helps to create an authentic appearance.

b I Adding scratches lends authenticity to the results. Untouched and perfectly even paint coverage is rarely evident in real world stencil art, the elements and environmental factors definitely take their toll over time.

c I Rotating your brush tip is a nice option when it comes to simulating realism. Rarely will you see a real world stencil applied to a surface at a perfect right angle. Guerilla artists just don't have time for that sort of thing.

d I Remember, because your stencil art is a brush preset, you can use any color you like. If your background is dark, you can use a light color, or if your background is light, then you can use a dark color. All of the color combinations within the picker are available. This vast range just isn't available when you're working with spray cans in the real world.

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