Examining your shape layer masterpiece

Now that you're finished creating the image, let's take a final look at some of the exceptional features and techniques involved.

< I By duplicating a group of features, you're not only cutting your work in half, but you are effectively creating an identical set of features for the other side of the face.

I I One great thing about shape layers is that you can change the fill color at any point, so duplicate groups can look diverse, rather than monotonous.

c I Replacing something as simple as the shape layers that make up the mouth in a duplicate group can completely change the emotion of your character.

( I When you're spreading duplicate groups around the canvas, disabling the visibility of base layers within a group can result in ghostly, floating creatures, rather than identical duplicates.

e I Experimenting with blending modes allows you to use your characters in subtle ways. In this case, the creature enhances the background using only its luminosity.

Chapter 2

Creating Characters with Shape Layers

Here is another image that was created using the same methods. Stylistically it is quite similar, but the subject is a little different. There is a lot you can do when you begin experimenting with shape layers, groups, blending modes, and underlying textures. Subject matter can be anything you like; you're only limited by your imagination.

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