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In addition to step-by-step instruction and inspirational imagery, you'll find hundreds of expert tips scattered throughout this book. Some of the tips pertain to the instructions on a particular page, but many are additional hints and pieces of advice which will prove useful for almost anything you set out to do within Photoshop. Feel free to flip around the book and examine different tips, just as you would randomly flip from chapter to chapter. Tips are divided into six categories, represented by different icons below:


These time-saving tips will shave hours off of your time-spent working. Whether it is a keyboard command or a quicker way of doing something, these tips will allow you to spend more time creating, rather than spending all of your time executing certain tasks the long way.


These tips contain useful tidbits and extra information that may not be addressed in the step-by-step instructions within each chapter. Or additional, more detailed information is provided to accompany a specific stage in the process.

On the CD

These tips will point you toward the specific files required to follow along, wherever necessary.

On the CD

These tips will point you toward the specific files required to follow along, wherever necessary.


Be extremely careful when you see this tip. You are being warmed of potential pitfalls and must carefully pay attention to prevent things from going horribly wrong.

This tip draws your attention to functions, features, and/ or tools that are available only within Photoshop CS3.

Creative tips

Creative tips provide valuable hints and advice regarding the artistic process of creating within Photoshop. Everything from unconventional tool usage within Photoshop itself, to hints on how to extract resource materials from the physical world surrounding you, is included here.

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