Finish, group, duplicate and flip

Complete the eye area and add a cheek detail. Then flip the artwork to the other side of his face.

I Use the same methods to create two new shape layers. One containing a black pupil shape, and another containing a purple cheek shape. Target all of the eye and cheek shape layers in the layers palette. Type Control(PC)Command(Mac)-g to group them.

I Select the move tool and ensure that your group is targeted. Hold down the alt(PC)/option(Mac) and the shift key as you drag the artwork to the right side of his face, creating a duplicate of the group, aligned horizontally.

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I Choose Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal from the menu to horizontally flip your duplicated group. Expand the duplicated group in the layers palette and target the red iris layer. Shift-drag to the right on the canvas with the move tool, repeat this process with the duplicated pupil shape layer. This will remedy his cross-eyed appearance.

8 I Collapse the group in the layers palette. Use the eyedropper tool to click on the dark blue area around his eye, sampling it as the current foreground color. Use the Pen tool to create a new shape layer in the middle of his face. Carefully draw a nose shape with the pen tool. Take your time, clicking once to create sharp points, clicking and dragging to create curved points. Edit the shape with the direct selection tool wherever necessary. Next, select the ellipse shape tool and draw a lighter blue ellipse over his nose on a new shape layer.

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