Halftone density

When creating halftone patterns within channels, screen density depends upon the value of the grayscale shade you're converting. Here, a light gray converted to a halftone produces a dot pattern in which the dots do not touch and are surrounded by white space. If you were converting a very dark gray, there would be light colored dots, surrounded by areas of black. Try to envision the density of dot pattern you want to create before you fill your channel with a grayscale value, this will help you choose the right shade of gray and ultimately ensure that you get the selection you want from it.

14 I Keep this layer targeted in the layers palette and expand the group that contains your outline art. Control(PC)/Command(Mac)-click on the figure outlines layer to generate a selection from its contents. Press the delete key to remove these areas from your currently targeted layer and deselect. Reduce the opacity of the layer to 61%. Use this same method to paint some details into the sock area on a new layer. Then load the sock outline layer as a selection and delete any painted contents of the selected area on your sock detail layer. Deselect and collapse the expanded group.

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