Color can make or break any illustration. And when it comes to choosing colors for your comic art, you may find a little assistance in developing your color scheme helpful. Kuler is Adobe's web application that allows you to create, research and even share your color schemes online. Scheme's can be shared with the rest of the world, and downloaded as Adobe Swatch Exchange files. It is worth checking out, even just to see what other artists have come up with. http://kuler.adobe.com/

3 I Use the rectangular marquee tool to draw a rectangular selection border that surrounds the background of the main panel, but does not stray beyond the black border. Click on the foreground color swatch in the toolbar and choose a teal color from the picker. Next, click on the background color swatch and choose a green background color from the picker. Select the gradient tool. In the tool options bar, choose the foreground to background preset and enable the linear method. Drag from the top of the selection to the bottom while holding down the shift key.

4 I Create a new layer and then select a much lighter blue foreground color from the picker. Switch the gradient method to radial and choose the foreground to transparent gradient preset in the tool options bar. Click and drag from the center of the explosion on the ink drawing outwards, creating a new radial gradient within the selection on the new layer. Choose a muted green foreground color from the picker and change the gradient method to linear. Click and drag from the bottom left corner of the selection inwards a little to change the color of that area. Deselect.

5 I Select the magic wand and target the black line work layer in the layers palette. Enable the contiguous option and disable the sample all layers option in the tool options bar. Leave the tolerance set at 32. Click inside a 'KA-CHOOM' letter to select that area. Then hold down the shift key and click inside each remaining letter, adding those areas to the selection. Create a new layer and drag it beneath the current layer. Select a bright yellow foreground color and fill the selection with it on the new layer. Repeat the procedure again to select and fill the area surrounding the letters with orange.

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